Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends at Life Church! This is the season where we take a look back over the past year and remember what the Lord has done in our lives. When we look at the life of King David, we find in all things he thanked and praised the Lord. Paul and Silas, while in chains, praised and thanked the Lord. When we praise God, miracles happen. Last Sunday, Pastor Dale reminded us how in everything we should praise the Lord. It doesn’t matter what life throws our way. We may have lost a family member, a job, or even a major deal at work. But there is something we can find, in every situation, to praise and give thanks to God. As we woke up this morning, some have realized that 2016 is nearing its end. We are excited when each year begins because it creates … Read More

Why we should live a life of thankfulness.

“Give thanks with a grateful heart…” It doesn’t matter what life throws our way, there is always something we can be thankful for. Everything that we have, we owe to our gracious God. Last week we began a new series called Thankful. This series walks us through how to live a thankful life. God promises us success, as long as our trust remains in him. We can live a full life; the secret is living a thankful life. Next Thrusday is Thanksgiving and we have an opportunity to express our gratitude toward our family, friends and the freedom we enjoy through Jesus Christ. Maybe you’ve had a rough week, or things have not gone your way, the moment we begin to live a life of thankfulness, we’ll see miracles happen. It doens’t mean things will instantly become better, but when we look through the fog of frustration we’ll be able to … Read More

Christmas is coming!

November 11, 2016 Newsletter There are some great things happening at Life Church, and we don’t want you to miss out on anything. Check out what we’ve got coming up this month at Church. POT-LUCK THIS SUNDAY: What is the one thing people are longing for today? They want connectedness and a place to belong. That’s one thing we love about Life Church. It’s a place where you can get refreshed by the Word of God, and make new friends.   This coming Sunday is a great way to connect with others and grow deeper in the the relationships you already have. Following the morning service, we’re having our monthly Pot-Luck meal. We ask that everyone bring a main dish to share, and a side, salad or dessert. If you’re looking for place to connect, join us for this fun-filled event. And the best part, there will be lots of … Read More

Annual Men’s Retreat

NOVEMBER 4-5, 2016 Mark your calendars to be part of our annual men’s retreat this fall! Our theme: MEN OF STEEL! Cost: $80 What to Bring: sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, toiletries, Bible, pen, notebook and anything else you want.