Each weekend at Life Church, you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with exciting, contemporary worship music and a practical, relevant teaching message to help you growth in your faith. We encourage you to sing and participate in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
Come as you are. We are interested in you – not how you dress. Many in our congregation wear jeans, some dress up a bit more, but overall we are casual in our dress.

Our Sunday morning worship services are usually 75 minutes. About 20 minutes is given to worshipping God in song. Following singing, there will be a greeting time, some videos and announcements, and receiving the morning’s offering. Then, one of our pastors will be giving a practical message from the Bible. Often we will close with a song, and at the conclusion of the service prayer teams are available should you need personal prayer.

The safety, concern, and spiritual growth of your children is our main priority for children’s ministry. We provide child-care during all of our services with qualified teachers. Nursery through 3 year olds meet weekly during the entire service. 4 yrs – Kindergarten and 1st – 5th grade classes are available on the 1st – 3rd Sundays.

Children are dismissed to their classes after the singing portion of our worship service. We have a family service on the 4th Sunday where 4 years – 5th grade join their parents during the entire service. One of our team members will help you find your child’s class.

We will take a moment to say “welcome” to our guests, but promise not to embarrass you. For example, you will not be asked to stand, say anything or otherwise be made to feel uncomfortable.

No. We do not harass people for money and we would certainly not ask a guest to contribute financially. Any offerings you may give are completely your decision. If you would like to donate you may do so on our giving page.
The pastor customarily contacts any first-time guests to thank them for attending, should you choose to fill out a connect card in the service. The connect card asks for your contact information and any prayer needs you may have. If you choose to fill it out you will be contacted. The connect card is our way to pray for you by name. Also, and information you give us via the children’s ministry or by check/credit card giving you will be placed on our mailing list.

You bet! We follow very close to the CANSPAM Act of 2003. This means that every email correspondence has an unsubscribe link. You’ll also be able to reply to every email or simply call the church office and we’ll be happy to unsubscribe you from our email list. To unsubscribe, simply click that link.

If you receive any SMS (text messaging), you’ll be able to unsubscribe by simply responding back with “STOP”. Our text messages come from Elexio Church Alerts at the number 30131. You may also reply with HELP for more options or STOP to cancel.

If you would like to unsubscribe from our “standard postal” mailing list simply send an email using our contact page or calling us at 952-937-6101.

We will provide you with the opportunities and resources to grow in your faith and understanding of God’s plan for your life. To learn more about Life Church, we recommend that you attend our Connections 101 Growth Track class that immediately follows the morning service the first Sunday of every month. You can become as involved as you choose. Our focus is becoming a life-giving church where everyone can find their place.